Road Restoration for H.O.A.'s and Non-H.O.A.'s roads requires strict procedures set by the FDOT - Florida Department Of Transportation

When contracting a Florida paving and asphalt contractor for your HOA, you must consider one that knows the latest requirements to ensure your resurfacing, restoration, and rehabilitation (RRR) are met and up to code to avoid penalties and unnecessary fees that could end up being costly to your HOA and residents.

Smith & Company, Inc. has extensive experience which includes the placement of the surface materials and work order necessary to return existing roadway to a condition of structural and functional state, ensuring long years of performance and safety.

Meeting ADA requirements must be included in all projects that involve walkways.  The new codes provided ensure that residents and non-residents with disabilities have a safe place to walk.  Smith & Company, Inc., is your local Florida contractor aware of the modifications necessary to meet with the Americans with Disability Act (ADA).  Safety improvements must address crash problems, pave shoulders, improvement to roadside barriers and guardrails.  Traffic signage and signage that enables safe driving conditions for residents and visitors.

Competitive price and savings are present with our contracting firm ensuring your HOA’s allocated budgets are met.  A realistic job cost can be achieved by knowing the FDOT and City, and County codes pertinent to road work.  A careful assessment of your roads and intersections alongside each resident’s driveway connections will be provided by our estimation team.  Our knowledgeable team of engineers will ensure accuracy in price to ensure performance is never dissipated by a wrong estimate.

The environment is another area of concern when working on your community roads.  Many communities have beautiful landscapes, hardscapes, and fauna that complement in the beauty of the surroundings.  With careful planning, we ensure that your environment is protected during our construction work.  From proper disposal of old road surface materials to careful planning of the steps to complete your job in the safest way.

Speed is of the essence and our crews have the experience and methodology that ensure accuracy and speed on the paving contracts we perform.  Ensuring the residents are not burdened with your choice, as the Home Owners Association’s directors, that the company hired will have what it takes to complete the agreed work, on time and without unreal excuses.

Smith & Company, Inc. has what it takes to make your paving and roadwork a success.