Projects of All Scopes

Smith & Company grew to become an industry leader by providing services to clients with varying levels of need.  To have the resources available for both massive and small-scope projects, the company maintains a large experienced staff and the best equipment in the industry.

To effectively manage resources and quality control, Smith & Company has specific divisions dedicated to each aspect of highway construction.  These divisions allow for Smith & Company to complete projects of any size without the need to hire third-party contractors.

While large projects require the services of all the divisions of Smith & Company, smaller projects may require only one or two specific areas of a service to keep costs down.  From projects of a large magnitude to smaller assignments, Smith & Company has proven resources and capabilities.


A 1500-acre residential development was transformed from swamp land to an upscale community of over 2085 private residences, two apartment complexes, two schools and numerous commercial establishments.  Over 15 million cubic yards of material were excavated to form the foundation of this $85,000,000 site development project.  All earthwork, roadways, concrete and underground utilities were done by Smith & Company forces.


This three mile, $48,000,000 replacement of I-4 inclides two bridges, relocation and replacement of both east/west bound lanes with concrete pavement, curbing, barrier wall, water main replacement and storm drainage.  Smith & Company, Inc., partnering with Florida Department of Transportation completed this 3 year project in an acelerated schedule of 360 days.  This project set a precedent in highway construction within the state of Florida.


Over 25 years ago the idea of a new city in West Broward was conceived on 10,000 acres of everglades by the Arvida Corporation.  During those years, SCI has developed over 50% of what now is known as the City of Weston.  This work has included two golf courses, miles of roadway, curbing, clearing for 30,000,000 cubic yards of lake excavation, muck removal and embankment. The project was started in 1980 and was completed year 2000. 


With the growth in South Florida, Broward County had a need for an indoor arena to host their new Florida Panthers NHL Hockey Team. In addition to Hockey, it is a place that hosts many large concerts and events in Broward County. Smith and Company were tasked with completing the arena, surrounding parking areas and access roads. Smith and Company lived up to the challenge once again and completed the project ahead of schedule, with precision and expertise.  

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