Smith & Company has a long track record of satisfied clients and quality-built projects that were completed within client parameters.  Through the use of the best personnel and and the most modern equipment available, projects are professionally completed with the least amount of disruption to the public and on-going businesses.


"Smith & Company was particularly chosen by our company since they are well equipped to accomplish earthwork, sewer, paving and drainage.  All these functions have been effectively coordinated in house and their personnel have always been extremely responsive to our needs."  

William Garginer, Vice President  - Engle Homes/Pembroke

"The Broward County Arena was a fast track project with a very demanding schedule.  Smith & Company was responsible for all sitework activities ranging from underground utilities to the asphalt paving (including curbing and striping).  They brought a professional attitude to the table, staffed the job with a very knowledgable management team, and performed all work within the confines of the Projects Schedule."    

Ron Dunn,  Vice President - Centex Rooney

"I'm impressed with the way Smith & Company aggresively approached this fast track project.  They have resources necessary at the right time to keep a very tight construction schedule right on target."  

Ralph C. Mervin,  Director of Operations (District 1) - Florida Department of Transportation, I-4 Expansion

"Smith & Company has played an integral part in creating one of the nations most recognizable planned communities, Weston, developed by St. Joe/Arvida.  Through the spirit of fostering team relationships through our Contractor base, such as, a Smith & Company, we have contiually out-paced both economically and technically most competition in the construction industry."

Donald Mears, V.P General Management  -  St. Joe/Arvida

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