A wealth of experience has provided Smith & Company with the ability to submit comprehensive, competitive project bids.  Smith & Company's percise bids begin with research.  The cost of work required to prepare land for development varies with each property.  Surface and underlying conditions dictate the resources required to properly engineer the parcel.  The latest technology is utilized by the company to provide accurate and competent solutions to each project's requirements.

"We do not lock in to an estimate lightly," said Smith.  "We go through the particulars again and again until we're satisfied that the estimate is solid."

Smith & Company will conduct an in-depth analysis of the land condition, material and water to best determine the current condition of the property.  Using the HCSS Heavy Bid application, the industry-leading construction estimating software, bids are then compiled to reflect costs associated with changing the property from its current condition to the client's version.

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