The Earthwork Division is responsible for the complete preparation of land for development.  This provides all services necessary to begin infrastructure construction and vertical building.   Through the processes such as land clearing, de-mucking, blasting, excavating, loading, hauling, spreading and compacting.  Smith & Company transforms raw land into a usable piece of real estate, commercial or residential.


The Utility Division has experience in the planning and construction of all sewer, drainage and water main facilities.  Using proven techniques for installation, Smith & Company lays the support structures for development.  A high degree of technical know-how and depth of experienced personnel enables this division to install their work just ahead of the roadbuilding operation, thus, saving valuable time in completing their client's project.


The Roadway Division has experts who carve new roads to support development or expand and renovate current road and highway systems.  As a full-service provider, Smith & Company works with the client to handle all their needs from development and implementation to traffic plans, clearing, preparation and stabilization of sub-grade, compacting and finishing the roadbase, asphalt paving, and the final signing and striping.  The division's vast capabilities have created a reputation for their ability to complete projects well ahead of schedule.


The Concrete Division creates all of the concrete structures to support the development of a particular project.  This division installs sidewalks, walkways, roadway curbing, and barrier walls in both new and existing projects.

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